Sunday, June 21, 2015

Two Months

We went in for the twins' two month check-up on Thursday, and everything went so well! Here are the Stats:

Winter Rose
Weight: 8.37 lbs-4th percentile
Length: 20.5 in-2nd percentile
Head: 14.6 in-10th percentile

Griffin Shae
Weight: 9.62 lbs- 9th percentile
Length: 22 in-17th percentile
Head: 14.6 in-4th percentile

So Winter has a bigger noggin compared to her size, but Griffin's head is just rounder, so I attribute her huge head to it being what I affectionately refer to as "torpedo" shaped. Her head is long and narrow, his is like a little cantaloupe, haha!

They are both doing great developmentally, but they are good at different things. For example, Winter is smiling a ton, tracks things really well with her eyes, holds her head up pretty well, and makes lots of little cooing noises.

Griffin is great at holding up his head, can roll from tummy to back pretty consistently, tracks with his eyes, and makes a few cooing noises, mostly when I let him just lay in the crib or on a blanket on the floor and wave all his limbs around. He smiles, but not nearly as much as Winter does, and he doesn't "talk" nearly as much either. He's more of a whiner, haha!

They are both great eaters, and I am still doing my best to breastfeed them. I went to a lactation consultant who diagnosed them both with tongue tie, but after talking to the pediatrician, found out that they are actually just fine. Which is great, because the idea of cutting into their mouths made me sad! They are getting better at eating more quickly, and I am only having to supplement a few ounces each day. I am so happy they are doing so well!

They are sleeping pretty consistently as well, they go to bed around eight and wake up at eleven, two, and then they wake up for good around seven or eight each day. It makes it easier to work around their schedules, because they actually have somewhat normal sleep routines now! We also just moved one of the cribs into our bedroom, which has been working well. I was just sleeping on a blow-up mattress since they were born in the nursery, but my back and hips were starting to give me major problems and Thomas was getting lonely, haha! So now he's trying to get used to being in the same room with them, which I'm sure will happen quickly as he begins to sleep through their fussy periods at night!

That's it for now! I will be sure to keep you all updated with their monthly updates at the very least.

Happy Friday!



  1. Samantha, Thanks for the up date !!!

  2. Hi Samantha. You don't know me and I don't even know if this blog is still active. I recently learned about Utah HB 347 which allows individuals to appeal to their insurance company to use adoption coverage for infertility coverage. I saw your name in the news articles and began searching. Did you ever have any luck with this bill? My insurance is automatically denied coverage, and I am now in the process of submitting a complaint to the Insurance Commissioner. Congratulations on your twins! What a miracle.